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You Are The Brand

May 11, 2016

Jessica N. Turner is the founder of the popular lifestyle blog The Mom Creative, where she documents her pursuit of cultivating a life well crafted. She is a writer for DaySpring's (in)courage community, an advocate for World Vision, a regular speaker at blogging conferences nationwide, and an award-winning marketing professional.

I met Jessica in February 2016 during our Nashville "epic breakfast" -- and was so glad she spent some time with us to talk book marketing on the show.

Her latest book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You, became a huge hit and actually climbed the best-seller list a year after it's release! If you're struggling with finding time for yourself, grab the book today.

A Sneak-Peek of What's Inside:

  • The step-by-step outline of Jessica's book promotion plan, several years in the making
  • Where Jessica spent her marketing dollars, and more importantly, where she didn't
  • A simple but effective tactic to getting more people to share content about her book, including on Instagram
  • The story behind how The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You became a best-seller one year after it's release

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