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Pastors are natural content creators. Each week they spend long hours crafting messages and teaching series. Unfortunately, too much of their content is “one-and-done”, only to be heard by a live audience that day and just a handful of folks that listen to the recording. Today I interview Dave Shrein, a marketing consultant for churches […]

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Dilemma: you’ve got a few people willing to pay you … but it’s not very much money. You need to grow your experience and portfolio, but don’t want to devalue your services. I’ve got the perfect answer in today’s (short) episode: How To Establish Your Value (While Taking Lower Paying Clients) A Quick Preview of […]

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How do you land your first clients? What do you do if you haven’t yet “established authority” … but need to get some paying work? In today’s episode I cover my initial client acquisition strategies.   A Quick Preview of the Podcast: These are the strategies I used to land my very first clients. From […]

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For this first episode of 2015, I cover how to get client testimonials. Testimonials allow you to give future clients the gift of going second.   A Quick Preview of the Podcast: I’ve used this form for the past two years, and it has been an absolute gamechanger for my business. Sure, setting up a […]

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