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You Are The Brand

Jun 26, 2019

“In a personal brand, the messenger is often more important than the message.”

One of the most underrated and overlooked pieces of marketing content you can create is this very episode!

In the personal brand space, the messenger is more important than the message. Think about every “guru” or expert you follow....

Jun 19, 2019

Having been raised in the restaurant industry, sister duo Kay Salerno and Shila Morris know business. They are responsible for 5 corporate stores and a growing franchise company, Squeeze In.

I met Kay and Shi during my work with the John Maxwell Team, and we'll be teaming up for a workshop on personal branding in...

Jun 12, 2019

This is one of the most important interviews I've ever done, because it has to do with the financial side of running a personal brand business.

Jessica Mae from the Bottom Line CPA has been the single-handed biggest change agent in my business over the past year.

In this interview, you'll hear how my own financial...

Jun 5, 2019

My time in Florida has come to a close (nothing to worry about, it was always intended to be a 6-month tenure) -- and I have so many incredible insights from my time there.

When you work with people of the caliber of John Maxwell and Paul Martinelli, you’re bound to pick up on a few things. Here are just a few that...