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Today, Michael Hudson shares insights from his work with over 2,500 businesses over the past 30 years, ranging from academia, finance, small business, and politics.

If you are a speaker or looking to do more speaking as part of your business, you won't want to miss this value-packed interview. Michael shows us how to design, develop, and deliver great presentations. 

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In this episode, Dr. Ann Vertel takes us inside her own struggle with imposter syndrome and how to overcome it. If you've ever struggled with a lack of confidence, or allowing yourself to be "you" -- especially when it comes to growing your personal brand, you'll enjoy this episode.

Ann is a women's leadership expert who helps women develop executive leadership skills so they can stop settling for less, start leading with confidence, and achieve their highest potential in life, love, and business.

As a 20-year Naval Officer and Motivational Psychologist, she speaks, trains, and consults with businesses, associations, institutions, and non-profits to help them develop strong, confident, effective women leaders.

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