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You Are The Brand

Jun 28, 2022

I am so grateful that the universe brought Loren Trlin into my life. Loren has helped me work through some heavy times, including when I was writing my book. She helps people experience manifestation, create new realities, and think for themselves. She believes that we have more power to create in our lives than we give...

Jun 21, 2022

In this episode, I have one of my best friends on the show, Henry Jeong – aka Big Asian Guy on Instagram. I’m staying on the theme of having my good friends on the show and kicking back for a little while. Henry and I grew up together and have been best friends since we were eleven years old. We share a deep love...

Jun 14, 2022

For a few episodes, I’m having some of my good friends in real life on the show. I’ve come to realize that lifelong friends are a combination of two things – low maintenance and high quality. They love you for who you are and challenge you to grow.

In this episode, I sit down with my good buddy, Nate Cronk,...

Jun 7, 2022

Jeff Goines is a multiple-time best-selling author but more importantly, he's a good friend of mine. In this episode, Jeff presents how to de-brand yourself and create a new life. One of the things I love about Jeff is that he’s afraid but does it anyway. He’s honest, relatable, and insightful. Listen in for...

May 31, 2022

In this presentation, Jeff Brown lays out his formula for being an expert podcaster and interviewer.

Jeff is the host of the award-winning, multi-million downloaded podcast, Read to Lead. He exclusively interviews authors and is, in my opinon, one of the best podcast interviewers in the business.

Connect with Jeff: