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You Are The Brand

Jul 28, 2021

John Meese is a serial entrepreneur and author of the newly released book, Survive and Thrive. You can have three perspectives in the world: the historian who is focused on the past, the reporter who focuses on the now, and the futurist who looks toward the future and tries to predict what will happen. John is without a doubt a futurist.

In this episode, we have a good conversation about where he sees things going (especially post-pandemic) for all businesses. He relates the shutdown to 9/11 because things will never be the same as they were before. We have new insights -- which is information through the filter of experience, and new problems that need to be solved.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • The three crises that were happening during the shutdown: health, mental health, and economic -- and how John coulld help with the economic crisis.
  • Creating real solutions to real problems for real people.
  • The shift from the age of information to the age of insight.


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