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You Are The Brand

Apr 7, 2021

Mike Brennan is a creator and communicator who tells stories on both pages and stages. His childhood dream was to be a cartoon, but when that didn’t work out, he became the next best thing: an artist. Mike’s specialty is helping artists and other creatives develop a daily creative habit. He models this by being a consistent creative himself—Mike sketches almost every day by stealing time in the ordinary moments of life. In our conversation, he gives us some direct, hard-hitting advice on motivation. Creative battles are a real thing and I’m sure you’ve been through them, too. Listen in and learn:

  1. How to become a creative
  2. Mike’s best strategies for creativity
  3. The two parts of motivation
  4. Why you should start small
  5. What to do when you lack inspiration
  6. How to prioritize your time for creativity
  7. The process for finding your artistic voice and style



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