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You Are The Brand

Mar 10, 2021

Steve Werner is my friend and fellow wanderlust. Whenever we talk, we have an incredible conversation. When Steve left his corporate job years ago, he realized he was free to go wherever and do whatever he wanted, so he got into the live events space. He is now the live and virtual event king. Steve is chock-full of wisdom when it comes to making more money with high-ticket offers and other digital marketing tactics. Today we’re having a conversation on how to apply those strategies—specifically when running webinars. Some of the things Steve teaches us are:


  1. How he helps his clients sell their high-ticket offers
  2. How to organize a high-converting live event
  3. The best process for stage closing
  4. The minimum requirements for a high-ticket event
  5. How to transition from a live stage to a webinar (or vise-versa)
  6. Why pre-framing is the key to getting people to show up to your webinar
  7. A good webinar should have about 50 stories
  8. When to get to your pitch in a webinar




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