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You Are The Brand

Feb 24, 2021

Tamara Glick is a mastermind at developing personal brands and unique styles for highly visible leaders. She ties together her clients’ energies, essences, and end goals and helps them articulate them in the way that they present themselves onstage and onscreen.

This image side of personal branding is not my expertise, but I know how important it is. That’s why I brought Tamara onto the show today. In this episode, she helps us understand why it is so important to represent ourselves well. She teaches us how to carry ourselves professionally both in everyday life and at work.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur needing more polish and practice or a corporate employee learning how to leverage today’s technology, you’ll love the practical tips and inspiration from Tamara. Tune in to hear us discuss:

  1. Why everyone is struggling with Zoom right now
  2. What goes unsaid by the way we carry ourselves
  3. How the everyday person can start communicating better on video
  4. Why a stylist is like the graphic designer for your brand
  5. The importance of articulating our entire persona visually
  6. The transformation she’s seen in her clients




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