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You Are The Brand

Feb 17, 2021

Today, I am bringing my good friend Ray Edwards back onto the show. He just released his new book, Permission to Prosper. The book is all about money, self-worth, and why it’s okay to do well. It’s about time those of us who are building businesses fixed our mindset around the issue of wealth. As Ray says, not only do we have permission to prosper, but a mandate to multiply.

Ray also taught me that an abundance of money won’t fix a poverty of spirit. If you think you live with a poverty mindset, tune in to our amazing conversation where talk about:

  1. How he went about writing Permission to Prosper
  2. The mindset shifts he had to make when money started coming in
  3. Changing our understanding of wealth at an atomic level
  4. Wealth and self-worth
  5. What Ray’s book is all about
  6. Accepting generosity from others
  7. Why equal distribution of wealth helps no one
  8. Making our lives more valuable in the automation age



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