You Are The Brand

Some might consider this a "good" problem: having multiple, viable brands. But how do you deal with juggling more than one brand, especially if they're not closely related?

This episode looks at some real-life examples of people managing multiple brands, and a few criteria you might be able to use in deciding whether you should narrow your focus or not.

Mentioned in this episode:

Text 'BRANDYOU54' to 33444 to get a walkthrough that might help you decide what to do with managing multiple brands.

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When clients don't pay you feel frustrated, out of sync, conflicted, and it's a difficult situation. Using the right words in these situations can smoothly prod clients into taking the action you want...paying you! Today I'll share some sample scripts I use, tips to avoid working with clients that don't pay, and how to respond when clients feel like they haven't received the value for the money they've paid.

To get today's scripts, text PAYMENOW to 33444. 

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If you know anything about well, anything — it’s likely you’ve had someone ask to “pick your brain.” So, should you? Especially if this person is asking you for advice or information that you’re normally paid for? Today’s episode notes 3 reasons why you shouldn’t. Would you mind leaving an honest review for the Brand […]

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