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In this episode, my friend Marc Pitman shares how to use uncertainty to become the leader you want to be. Marc and I met at a Love 146 event years ago. As a reminder, Love 146 is a nonprofit I support that provides care for children who have been trafficked and the sales from my book are going to the cause.


Marc’s most recent book The Surprising Gift of Doubt is for the high-performing leader. We discuss if feelings of doubt and insecurity ever go away and how to manage them, the enneagram and how it ties into feelings of doubt in your work, and Marc’s emphasis on nonprofits and how they can help you in your leadership development.


The 4 Quadrants of Leadership:

  1. Have a lot of confidence to complete a task because they have watched others do it so they copy them -- but their confidence drops when they find that they are not as successful as the person they copied.
  2. Feel like they are faking their success and always trying to “fix” a problem although they aren’t sure what it is or how to fix it.
  3. Learn to grow in their unique identity and do what works best for them so their confidence increases.
  4. Help others increase their confidence by “focus leading.”


3 Competencies that Everyone Has:

  1. Hardwiring (personality or cognitive)
  2. Stories (the way we are programmed)
  3. Goal Setting (the way we handle goals)




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