You Are The Brand

“In a personal brand, the messenger is often more important than the message.”

One of the most underrated and overlooked pieces of marketing content you can create is this very episode!

In the personal brand space, the messenger is more important than the message. Think about every “guru” or expert you follow. Does that person say anything radically different from his or her competition? Radically different?

Probably not. So why do you follow that person over, say, someone else? It’s because of the way you feel about them. It’s because there’s some level of connection or commonality, and that’s exactly what doing a “7 Things You May Not Know About Me” post does for you.

I often use this kind of content in new settings like group coaching days or mastermind sessions to build rapport and pick up on interesting things about people that might be used in their marketing. For this episode, I selected these topics (and you’ll hear my answers to each):

  1. Favorite food
  2. Nickname as a kid
  3. First job
  4. Best travel story
  5. Family tradition
  6. What you wanted to be as a kid
  7. Something you are “OCD” about

The point is to have fun with this kind of post. I’ll often pull from the answers to these questions and create a “Hi, I’m Mike” post after I’ve received a number of new followers on social media.

Otherwise people feel like they’re jumping into my story mid-season, and doing a post that summarizes some of these things can help bring people into my journey and brand.


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