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My time in Florida has come to a close (nothing to worry about, it was always intended to be a 6-month tenure) -- and I have so many incredible insights from my time there.

When you work with people of the caliber of John Maxwell and Paul Martinelli, you’re bound to pick up on a few things. Here are just a few that impacted me, that I hope will help add value to you:

Incentivize people with money and commissions. You’ll hear a bit of my background in sales (yes, I used to be a telemarketer!) and how I was inspired to return to my roots in commission-based incentives.

You can’t save your way to wealth. I spent more money to keep my business running during this time period, and it made more money because of it.

You’re being hired to either put out a fire or fan a flame. Remember this analogy! It will be of use to you when having conversations with potential clients.

Telling is not selling. If all you do is tell, you aren’t having a conversation, you’re giving a lecture.

There are fans, and there are people who actually want to learn.

My time in Florida was amazing from a professional standpoint. The wisdom I gained there is invaluable -- but I also gained tremendous personal clarity because, well, I didn’t like living in Florida!

It was good for me in that I had a place to land for six months. Life was a bit chaotic the past few years, so it was good to be grounded for a season. I realized more than ever that I want to live in a place where I can feed off the energy, atmosphere, and culture.


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