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Recently I was able to serve and attend the John Maxwell Team’s International Certification Event in Orlando, FL.

There were about 3,000 people in attendance, and this was my first opportunity to see and experience what the entire “tribe” of the John Maxwell Team is about.

While the stage content is second-to-none, I quickly realized the same can be said of the people. I was privileged to meet incredible people from all sectors of leadership.

One thing I often teach when advising brands is to focus on psychographics rather than just demographics. Demographics are statistics: age, income, sex, and so forth. But psychographics are all about mindset and how people think.

When it comes to personal development, psychographics trump demographics every time. It was clear in what I saw at this event: there were people from all walks of life, representing over 100 countries, ranging from 11 years old all the way 90 years old. What tied them together? A desire to make the world a better place through positive influence.

One of the great privileges of my professional life is to steward the messages of influential people like John Maxwell and Paul Martinelli, and it’s often in those side conversations that the best stuff comes out.


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