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If you've ever struggled on getting clarity regarding your brand's identity, it may have something to do with the fact that you really have three identities. That's right, three!

In today's episode we talk about these 3 identities: the visual, the verbal, and the value. Each works in tandem with the other two, and together they form a (hopefully) cohesive picture of your brand that is clear and convincing.

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On December 8th at 7:00PM I'll be hosting a free webinar on how to design 3D book covers. Want to join? Register here.

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Ever feel like you don't have enough time, money, know-how, connections, clients, etc.? I do, and in today's episode we cover 3 simple exercises that can help you rediscover what you have and put you in the right frame of mind to shape a successful future.

The clarity that came as a result of engaging in these 3 exercises was unbelievable, and it allowed me to have my best year yet. I have a lot to be thankful for -- including your choice to allow me a small role in your own growth and development. I think you'll find these exercises helpful, so tune in today.

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On December 8th at 7:00PM I'll be hosting a free webinar on how to design 3D book covers. Want to join? Register here.

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Gaining clarity can be one of the most frustrating parts of building a personal brand. We're constantly peppered with information that tells us we should know our ideal client, our unique selling proposition, and so forth.

In today's episode, I share 3 things that helped me gain more clarity when launching my brand -- they might help you, too.

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One of the greatest weapons in our creative and business arsenals is one of the least heralded: rest.

Today I share my takeaway from (of all places) the spy novels featuring Jason Bourne, made even more famous by the action flicks starring Matt Damon. I also share the 3 biggest challenges I've faced since "going solo" in my own business, and how being self-aware of our own tendencies can keep us coping habits that can adversely affect our business.

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Live events are important both for our personal and professional development. But attending any kind of event requires both a large investment of time and money, and as such it should be treated like an investment.

This episode gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the steps I use to prepare for attending a live event and ensuring I know my "why" ... my purpose for attending. When I'm clear on this, nearly every event I attend becomes a success.

  1. What is my purpose for attending this event? What are the "success criteria" necessary for me to accomplish my purpose?
  2. Why is accomplishing this purpose important?
  3. What would be the ideal outcome of attending this event?

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Some might consider this a "good" problem: having multiple, viable brands. But how do you deal with juggling more than one brand, especially if they're not closely related?

This episode looks at some real-life examples of people managing multiple brands, and a few criteria you might be able to use in deciding whether you should narrow your focus or not.

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Text 'BRANDYOU54' to 33444 to get a walkthrough that might help you decide what to do with managing multiple brands.

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If you join me inside Ray Edwards' Copywriting Academy course, I'm prepared to offer these 3 exclusive bonuses:

1. 1-on-1 Copy Consultation - I'll look over your promotion to advise you with tips and tweaks. Retail value: $1000

2. Access to all my copywriting resources - Writing a Winning Support Letter, Essential Business Forms, Click-To-Client Email Templates. Retail value: $200

3. Access to my vault of all my copywriting promotions, including client projects. Take and tweak to your specific needs. Retail value: $5000

To qualify, join the Copywriting Academy using this exclusive link:

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When clients don't pay you feel frustrated, out of sync, conflicted, and it's a difficult situation. Using the right words in these situations can smoothly prod clients into taking the action you want...paying you! Today I'll share some sample scripts I use, tips to avoid working with clients that don't pay, and how to respond when clients feel like they haven't received the value for the money they've paid.

To get today's scripts, text PAYMENOW to 33444. 

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If you know anything about well, anything — it’s likely you’ve had someone ask to “pick your brain.” So, should you? Especially if this person is asking you for advice or information that you’re normally paid for? Today’s episode notes 3 reasons why you shouldn’t. Would you mind leaving an honest review for the Brand […]

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Ah, time management … it’s one of those phrases I hate to love, and love to hate. But we all know that time management is more than a buzzword — it’s integral to our success in life. If time is our most precious commodity, why do we treat it as if it isn’t? Human beings […]

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Ever experience “mission drift” when it comes to your personal brand? Well, so do I. That’s why I started using this simple one-page productivity plan. This can take as little as ten minutes to complete, but it’s effect is undeniable. I have this plan laminated and displayed throughout my workspaces — even the shower! This […]

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You’ve heard it one too many times: picking a niche is the key to success. But how do you actually do it, without feeling like you’re intentionally tying one hand behind your back? The key isn’t found in picking a niche, it’s in focus. That might sound cliche, but tune in and you’ll see why. […]

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You’ve bought the online courses. You’ve attended conferences. You’ve read the right books, tuned into the top podcasts, and even modeled your blog after your favorite online expert. But no matter how religiously you follow the “right” advice, you just can’t seem to get more traction. What gives? Chances are, you’re missing what I consider […]

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Can a subtle shift in focus really make that big of a difference in your business and in your income? Our guest says, “Absolutely, yes!” Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences. He regularly addresses audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000. He has shared the platform with notables […]

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Content marketing is the new norm, but there’s more to it than simply pumping out blog posts, podcasts, and videos. We often think the best metric for all this work is traffic. Actually it’s not — in fact, 83% of CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) recently said something else was more important. A Quick Preview of […]

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It’s easy to fixate on products and services — after all, these are the drivers of cash flow in our businesses. But there are tons of products and services out there, and simply marketing yours only results in you being more of the same. In today’s episode, we look at what really sells, and how […]

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One of my biggest dreams in recent years has been to one day be my own boss. It’s been said that “the dream is free, but the hustle is expensive.” I’ve found that to be ever so true. If you’re looking to “make the leap” I share three things in today’s episode that really helped […]

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In this episode you will learn a simple five-word question that gives you an almost unfair advantage in boosting response and outselling your competition. This simple question is the easiest way to think outside the box with your marketing. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: The most important marketing question One of the items on […]

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You’ve set up your brand, built your platform, and have potential clients that want to work with you. How do you “close” the deal? What is the process by which someone contracts you? If you aren’t clear on this, you’ll end up leaving a lot of money on the table — either because you’re taking […]

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Sales. It’s one of the most dreaded aspects for many people in building their personal brand. Luckily there are some great folks out there that are willing to share their sales strategies in an honest, ethical, and effective way. One such person is Donald Kelly, affectionately known as “The Sales Evangelist.” In this episode, Donald […]

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One of the most important things you can do to reach the next level in your personal brand business is to invest in resources. But how do you know which to spend your hard-earned dollars on? On today’s episode, I share my strategy when it comes to investing in a course, coach, or consultant. A […]

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One of the most important things you can do to reach the next level in your personal brand business is to connect with “rising stars.” Why? Because you can’t build a brand by yourself. You must connect with other growing brands to position and establish yourself as someone that is “going places.” A Quick Preview […]

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The right mastermind group can catapult your success like nothing else can. It’s almost “unfair” how quickly you can grow your influence and income by being in the right mastermind. If you’re not sure what a mastermind group is or how it works, this episode is for you. Today’s episode is in response to a […]

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Today we wrap up this series on making a career pivot. I share my story of how I turned my blog into a business. I’ll also mention a chance for us to work together if you want to take a look at making a career pivot more seriously. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: How […]

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I can’t wait to share today’s episode with you, where we’ll cover some ideas on pricing your products or services when you’re starting out. Now, price is always relative to other factors including your market and competition, but in most cases I’ve found people charge less than they should. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: […]

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We continue our series on making a career pivot by talking about how to find your first clients when you’re starting out. These are the same steps I used locate and communicate with my first clients, and they’re a lot easier to do than you might imagine. Check out the episode for more. A Quick […]

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We continue our series on making a career pivot by covering 3 easy-actions to establishing yourself as an authority in your new industry — even if you don’t feel like one. These are the same steps I used when starting my career pivot, and they are a lot easier than you might think. Check out […]

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What do the successful personal brands do that lead to their success? Actually, I don’t think it has as much to do with “doing” as it does with “knowing” — especially early in your brand building journey. Today I share 3 things that I wish I knew more clearly at the start of my business. […]

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Today I answer a question posed by a listener named Josh Hogancamp on why I started podcasting. I’ll tackle that within the framework of why a podcast may well be better than a blog these days. (Hard to admit because I love blogs, but it may be true!) 1. Blogs are like mixtapes, podcasts are […]

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Marketing your personal brand is tough enough as it is — but it’s even harder if you go against the current. These 5 “laws” of marketing will help you get more traction and results. Violate at your own risk! 1. The Law of Leadership: It’s better to be first than better. This the most basic […]

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For this episode, I’m repurposing some content from a blog post that was well-received earlier this week. We take a look at Marvel’s marketing behind their latest hit movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and look at what concepts we can apply to our own personal brands. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: five lessons from […]

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Do you have a product to sell? This episode gives you a behind-the-scenes look at a recent product I sold. I learned some pretty interesting things — and I’m hoping these lessons will serve as actionable items for you to consider in your own product sales. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: five takeaways you […]

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Many people view email marketing as a “necessary evil” but it’s actually one of my favorite things in all of marketing (I’m weird, I know). Regardless of how you feel about email marketing, one cliche rings true: “the money is in the list.” In this episode, I share two simple ways to improve your email […]

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In this episode, I take you behind-the-scenes of my latest blog design. Several months ago I rolled out a new, more modern look. Some of these changes are helping me grow my email list and readership, and most are fairly simple to do. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: 3 simple tweaks I made that […]

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Today’s episode was created in response to a question I received: “How can I rebuild my personal brand/credibility in the community when someone in the community has lied about my character?” At some point, all of us will face negative press or even a public relations crisis in our business. Following these 3 steps will […]

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You can’t build a brand all by yourself. Eventually, you’ll need to outsource work or even bring on a business partner. But what should you look for? I share a few personal preferences I look for in partners, as well as some examples when things haven’t gone as I wished they had. A Quick Preview […]

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In this episode, I interview certified life coach Charlie Vensel on how to utilize coaching principles to gain clarity in our personal and professional lives. If you’re unfamiliar with “coaching” (or think it’s a scam) this is an episode you won’t want to miss. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: The difference between coaching vs. […]

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Sometimes the keys to success are obvious. But one thing I’ve learned is that it’s often the small things that lead to the biggest breakthroughs. In this episode, I share five small, unexpected things that led to signficant changes in the way I run my business. This episode is all about mindset shifts. A Quick Preview […]

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I am fresh off my trip to Ray Edwards’ Permission to Prosper conference held in San Diego, CA. I was challenged, stretched, and encouraged … and I’ve got a few things I learned there to share with you today. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: 3 Unforgettable acronyms vital to your success, as taught by […]

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Cliff Ravenscraft left a successful career in insurance to make a living doing what he loves: podcasting. Cliff is now known as the “Podcast Answerman” and runs a successful personal brand business, but it wasn’t an easy journey. In this interview, Cliff shares some great lessons for anyone looking to venture out and make a […]

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We all know the importance of an elevator pitch. But what about the questions that follow? Here are 7 questions every personal brand must absolutely nail. Prepare your answers, practice your response, and you’ll see your business grow. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: The 7 questions every personal brand must absolutely nail Some of […]

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This episode was inspired by a question left by Dayo Samuel from Audacity to Lead on rebranding. Rebranding can be tricky business, especially for personal brands because it’s a pretty labor-intensive process. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: The four reasons you should consider rebranding The one reason you should NOT rebrand A bit of […]

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Pastors are natural content creators. Each week they spend long hours crafting messages and teaching series. Unfortunately, too much of their content is “one-and-done”, only to be heard by a live audience that day and just a handful of folks that listen to the recording. Today I interview Dave Shrein, a marketing consultant for churches […]

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Dilemma: you’ve got a few people willing to pay you … but it’s not very much money. You need to grow your experience and portfolio, but don’t want to devalue your services. I’ve got the perfect answer in today’s (short) episode: How To Establish Your Value (While Taking Lower Paying Clients) A Quick Preview of […]

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How do you land your first clients? What do you do if you haven’t yet “established authority” … but need to get some paying work? In today’s episode I cover my initial client acquisition strategies.   A Quick Preview of the Podcast: These are the strategies I used to land my very first clients. From […]

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For this first episode of 2015, I cover how to get client testimonials. Testimonials allow you to give future clients the gift of going second.   A Quick Preview of the Podcast: I’ve used this form for the past two years, and it has been an absolute gamechanger for my business. Sure, setting up a […]

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In today’s episode, I open up about some of the doubts and fears I have heading into 2015. I also share some of the victories from this past year, and some personal updates regarding my job and career. Episode Resource: In this episode, I mention Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever goal-setting course. I was skeptical […]

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I’m not a designer … in fact, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to Photoshop, InDesign, or any other fancy design tools. Good news is that I know someone who does. Jason Clement (Twitter @JasonJClement) is a bona fide graphic and web designer and president of Red Letter Design, a marketing and design firm based […]

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In today’s episode I cover the most important tactic in closing sales. Unfortunately, not many people do this, and it’s to their detriment! I actually think you’ll be surprised at what it is. Find out by listening to the episode. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: The one simple thing you need to do to […]

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In today’s episode I cover 4 basic pricing models for your personal brand because let’s face it — if you don’t have a pricing model, you won’t profit! A Quick Preview of the Podcast: 4 pricing models every personal brand should know about. My personal favorite pricing model, which rewards you for getting better at […]

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This week I share a quick episode on what rebranding has done for me and how it has impacted my profits. This can all be traced back to a decision to “niche down” and focus on my ideal client. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: How rebranding really helped take my business to the next […]

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Today I interview author, speaker, and coach Kary Oberbrunner. Kary wrote one of my favorite books this year called Day Job To Dream Job. He will inspire you to continue building your personal brand. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: Why everyone is a guru … whether they realize it or not. Actionable steps towards […]

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Today we finish off our talk about the 7 steps you need to launch a profitable personal brand: packaging, pitch, and partnership. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: The final three steps to building a profitable personal brand. Valuable insights on branding, logos, and color schemes. Pro tips on perfecting your sales pitch. Want to […]

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Today we talk about the 7 steps you need to launch a profitable personal brand. I’ve done this for myself and a myriad of clients, and I give you the exact framework to follow in this episode. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: The seven necessary steps to launching a profitable personal brand A quick […]

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Today we talk about how to position yourself against the competition … and use the difference to your advantage. One of the best ways to do this is to use a simple positioning graph to place your competitors relative to where you stand. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: Why marketing is really like jujitsu […]

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Today we continue in this series on “positioning” and cover what constitutes a magnetic “lead magnet” and how you can utilize it to position yourself as an authority in your space. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: Why you shouldn’t create a huge, epic lead magnet What really constitutes a magnetic lead magnet Examples of […]

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Welcome to the third episode of the Brand You Podcast. Today we continue in this series on “positioning” and how you can quickly and easily identify your ideal client. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: The quickest and easiest way to identify an ideal client The quickest and easest way to define your unique selling […]

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Welcome to the second episode of the Brand You Podcast. Today we continue in this series on “positioning” and what that means for you in building your personal brand. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: Two concepts you can’t afford to confuse Some personal examples from my business on tactics, strategies, and goals How three […]

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Welcome to the very first episode of the Brand You Podcast. For the next few episodes, I’ll be covering the issue of positioning and what that means for you in building your personal brand. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: Three ways to name your personal brand (the first one is easiest) Two myths that need […]

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