You Are The Brand

Whether you’re looking to reinvent yourself or simply step into more fulfillment, the greatest disharmony stems from standing at the crossroads between 1. who you are and 2. who you want to be. You’ll often feel like there’s more than one of you. Well, there is.

Introducing The Three You’s:

  • The Present You encompasses who you are right now. You define yourself by the current work you do, the people you interact with, and the activities you engage in. Hello, mirror.


  • The Public You is closely aligned with The Present You. It’s the version that is understood by and made accessible to the people around you. If you’ve worked your whole life in real estate, it’s fair to assume that your neighbors know you as “the real estate guy or gal.”


  • The Pending You is the person you’re seeking to grow and develop. This is the person waiting in the wings, itching to make his or her debut. This is the person you scream daily self-success affirmations at in the morning shower, and point at in the mirror and shout, “You were made for more! The world is your oyster! You eat dragons for breakfast!”


Clearing the pathway for The Pending You to take center stage is vital. You are literally working a transition to present a new “you” to the world. That’s why it’s so hard.

A Few Additional Mindset Shifts:

  • I accept I will never have security. Peace, yes. Security, no.
  • Sometimes you have to move on in order to move up.
  • The credibility isn’t in the teaching, the credibility is in the living.
  • Why I’ve had success in my career: I make ideas happen. It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. Execute.
  • Life is not meant to be a one-player game.

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