You Are The Brand


Many people want to “reinvent” themselves career-wise but they’re just not sure where to start. One of the keys to reinventing yourself successfully is already in your hands: social media.

If you use any kind of social media right now, you’re already engaged in what I call “personal branding”. In this episode, I share two strategies to use social media intentionally to take control of the conversation people are having about you. The first pathway:

  1. Start with your favorite social media app, the one you use most.

  2. Document your day - don’t worry about “creating”

  3. Write something on your post that adds value by giving context to your post

You’ll also learn a key strategy you can leverage for Facebook or LinkedIn to shape your personal brand if you’re looking to start a side-hustle or launch a new business.

A few notable quotes from this episode:

  • If you're wondering, “Is this off-brand?” it probably is.

  • When it comes to personal branding, you are what you share.

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