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You Are The Brand

Dec 16, 2020

Michelle Deering is a licensed clinical psychologist, board-certified sports psychologist, speaker, consultant, and author. She has a really interesting take on what happens when parents build personal brands. It’s all about our relationships with our moms. This spills over into our business-building efforts, families, friendships, and every other area of our lives. Because the personal brand space has matured, I wanted to bring Michelle on to use this platform to broaden the conversation. I hope it sheds light on the challenges you face that I may not. Throughout the episode, we discuss:

  1. How entrepreneurship affects our relationships with our kids and parents
  2. What you need to know if you’re struggling with mom guilt
  3. The difference between mother/son and mother/daughter relationships
  4. The reflections of themselves that moms see in their daughters
  5. How to navigate the relationships we have with our parents when we know something’s missing
  6. Mother-in-law relationships
  7. One step that parents can take today to be intentional in their relationships with their kids and parents




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