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You Are The Brand

Jul 8, 2020

This week, I brought on Joshua and Joanna Scott from Studio 88 to talk more about niches. They have built an incredible marketing agency that is focused on the niche of serving dentists. I got to work on a project with them last year and it was cool to see the work that they do in this unique space. A lot of us struggle with niching down and they’ve done well in that, so I knew they would have a lot of great stuff to share with us.


In the episode, we talk about:

1. Having a “real” business and how they built theirs around a personal brand

2. The process of “niching down”

3. The art of working together as a couple

4. How high-end companies are transitioning to the personal brand world

5. Post-COVID predictions for dentistry

6. Their prep process for working with clients


I hope that Joshua and Joanna’s real-life story helps you realize what can happen if you niche down. Your business and niche may transition later on, but focusing on one can lead to greater success in your personal brand.




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