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Rich Brooks is the founder of both an incredible marketing conference and agency: Agents of Change and Take Flight Media. We got to know each other at Social Media Marketing World and really hit it off.

I love attending and speaking at live events, but struggle with hosting them, so I asked Rich to come on the show and share his best advice for putting them on successfully. In the episode, he goes through:

  • The importance of starting small
  • Focus on the 3 S’s: speakers, sponsors, and seats
  • How to create a digital marketing plan for a live event
  • The power of personally reaching out and inviting people
  • How to market smaller live events that happen more frequently
  • The BARE essentials of building a digital marketing campaign: build, attract, retain, evaluate

Check out Rich’s new book and all he does with Agents of Change for tons of useful information on SEO and digital marketing.


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