You Are The Brand

This is a "back to the basics" episode as I lay out the 3 things you need to build a minimum viable platform for your personal brand business.

I'm amazed at how many coaches, consultants, and speakers I meet who don't have all three of these in place in a way that allows them to leverage their exposure and referrals.

  1. Homepage
  2. Services Page
  3. About Page

There should be 3x as many calls to action for the Services page compared to the About page. Also, you should consider how people are getting to certain pages on your website.

For example, most of my clients go directly to my homepage, while most of my blog readers (who don't hire me for contract work) rarely to go my homepage.

Over the past two years, I geared my homepage to private clients while still growing a blog readership since my readers usually went directly to posts that I wrote and found them via social media or through my email list.

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