You Are The Brand

Stu McLaren is a master marketer and the genius behind building some of today's largest membership sites.

In this interview, we recount his unique journey from being the behind-the-scenes strategist to stepping "out front" to become his own brand. It's a journey that I've walked to a small degree, and one I know that many listeners are on right now. 

A sneak preview:

  • The difference between unconscious competence vs. conscious competence
  • The two types of entrepreneurs and why businesses don't grow without both
  • The fastest way to gain momentum in your personal brand

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

• Join Marketing Mastery Insider:

Stu's blog

Tribe - Stu's online course on membership sites

Rocket Fuel (book)

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Having a product for sale is the pathway to profit in a personal brand business. Yes, you can sell your own time by doing coaching, consulting, or speaking -- but why stop there?

In this episode, I talk about 4 products you can create in under 4 hours each:

  1. Affliate products
  2. Documents / Swipe Files
  3. Mini-Trainings
  4. Coaching

This episode focuses on the first two types of products because they are easy to create and can end up being strong generators of passive income for you. Once they're created, they sell indefinitely as long as you drive leads to them.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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Wave Apps


Essential Business Forms (my client proposal templates)

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