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Ah, productivity. It's a quest we're all on, especially when building a personal brand. How can we be more efficient and effective with our time, decisions, and efforts?

Today's guest, Lynn Friesth, is no stranger to productivity. For years, Lynn successfully supervised productivity systems and processes at John Deere. If there are any companies out there that pay extra attention to systems and processes, it's those in the manufacturing business.

Lynn now advises organizations large and small in streamlining processes and becoming more productive, and he's offering his expertise to those of us in the personal brand space today.

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Is inconsistent marketing getting in the way of better clients & more money?

You had the best intentions, but you never got serious about marketing in 2015. Your workload is a roller coaster and your marketing gets back-burnered when you get client work.

You're running a business (and a life) so you just don't have blocks of time for marketing. You need more (and better) clients but you get paralyzed because you're not sure which marketing efforts will work.

You need a simple plan that will take your business up a notch.

Today's guest, Ilise Benun from is here to help. I've been following Ilise for quite awhile and have to say -- her content in top-notch. She's a brilliant marketing mind, and this interview is full of great perspectives on types of content marketing, ways to connect with people at live events, and much more.

I'm going to personally follow this guideline for the first quarter of 2016 and see what it does for me. Tune into this episode and join me on the journey.

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A few weeks ago Dr. Ann Vertel, an accomplished business coach, speaker, and avid listener of the podcast, asked about how to market "soft" skills.

In today's episode I share a simple approach to marketing based on your potential client's level of awareness. In short, the more aware a client is of his or her need for your service, the more direct you can be with your marketing. The more unaware they are, the more "indirect" you need to be in your marketing -- preferably with an emphasis on story-telling.

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A few weeks ago Rick Marion, a listener of the podcast, asked about affiliate marketing:

"I notice you offer a number of affiliate products. Do you have any tips, other than standing behind the affiliate obviously, on how to select affiliates? How to approach affiliates?

And would you recommend purchasing a product that you know your audience would use, so that you can in turn offer it as an affiliate to your audience?"

In today's episode I share my income figures from affiliate marketing in 2015, and 4 of the criteria I use to decide on who to partner with.

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A Few Tools I've Become Affiliates For:

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