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One of the most common issues professional service providers struggle with is setting fees. In this episode, Kirk Bowman from the Art of Value podcast unpacks practical advice on pricing.

In my opinion, this is one of the best episodes (ever) of this podcast! There were several instances during our conversation where I had to pause just because Kirk blew my mind with what he was sharing. This is a must listen.

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Join Kirk on Thursday January 7, 2016 at 7:00PM for a free online master class on pricing. I've already registered and plan to attend.

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If you plan to make guest blogging and podcast interviews a part of your overall brand strategy, don't overlook this small but vital part of the process: your bio!

Guest need to be both punchy and persuasive so that you maximize your exposure on these other platforms. Your goal: to get visitors who enjoy your content over to YOUR platform and hopefully onto your email list. In this episode, we take a quick look at several guest bios I've written that you can adapt to your own use.

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Looking to make a change to your business logo? Make sure you consider these 3 crucial things when having it designed. In today's episode, we take a slightly deeper dive into establishing a strong visual identity. If you're looking for custom designs, I recommend my designer Jason Clement or employing the folks over at 99 Designs.

1. Make sure it looks good small.

Most people will see your logo on a very (very!) small screen: their phone. Your logo needs to be identifiable, even on a very small piece of digital real estate.

2. Make sure it looks good in black and white.

This is all about creating good contrast in your logo. Putting it in black & white is a great litmus test on whether you have enough contrast in your design. Secondly, having a good contrast in black and white allows you to "flip" the scheme so you can use your logo on top of darker backgrounds. 

3. Decide on whether you want an icon-based logo, typography-based logo, or combination of both.

Icon-based logos include Nike (the famous 'swoosh') and Apple. Typography-based logos have only text, like FedEx or Chanel. For an example of a combination logo, look at Pizza Hut.

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If you've ever struggled on getting clarity regarding your brand's identity, it may have something to do with the fact that you really have three identities. That's right, three!

In today's episode we talk about these 3 identities: the visual, the verbal, and the value. Each works in tandem with the other two, and together they form a (hopefully) cohesive picture of your brand that is clear and convincing.

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