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Content marketing is the new norm, but there’s more to it than simply pumping out blog posts, podcasts, and videos. We often think the best metric for all this work is traffic. Actually it’s not — in fact, 83% of CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) recently said something else was more important. A Quick Preview of […]

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It’s easy to fixate on products and services — after all, these are the drivers of cash flow in our businesses. But there are tons of products and services out there, and simply marketing yours only results in you being more of the same. In today’s episode, we look at what really sells, and how […]

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One of my biggest dreams in recent years has been to one day be my own boss. It’s been said that “the dream is free, but the hustle is expensive.” I’ve found that to be ever so true. If you’re looking to “make the leap” I share three things in today’s episode that really helped […]

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In this episode you will learn a simple five-word question that gives you an almost unfair advantage in boosting response and outselling your competition. This simple question is the easiest way to think outside the box with your marketing. A Quick Preview of the Podcast: The most important marketing question One of the items on […]

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