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You Are The Brand

Jul 7, 2021

After learning I wrote a book, my nephew said he wanted to write one, too. That melted me so of course, I had to have him do the opening to this episode!

I don’t have kids but they‘ve always been close to my heart. Several years ago I went on a partner trip with Rob Morris of Love146, an organization that helps children rescued from trafficking.

Rob is an incredible storyteller and he uses this skill to literally change lives. There are some incredible insights in this interview, and I hope you'll listen with an open mind and heart.

To support Love 146:

Through my career, the only times I’ve ever truly wished for a bigger platform were times I wish I had more money or influence to help causes like Love146.

The internet marketing / personal development / coaching space can do a lot better than wax poetic about 7-figure launches, “epic” masterminds, and speaking in front of big crowds.

I’m all for entrepreneurs enjoying their success but I would also posit to my colleagues to consider using our platforms to help real world causes that go beyond our bank accounts and lifestyle business.

Then maybe we can inspire more kids to write their own books, no matter where they’re from. Yes?

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