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You Are The Brand

May 5, 2021

For the next ten episodes, I’m going to give you a real-time behind-the-scenes look at everything I'm doing to prepare for the upcoming launch of my book, You Are the Brand (releases July 13, 2021).

In this episode you’ll get insights into:

  • What the process for recording my audiobook has been like
  • Why this project has been a struggle
  • A checklist of things I need to get done before next week

If you’d like to see video of me recording my audiobook, go to the IGTV section on my Instagram:

I also answer several listener questions:

Lisa Mariette from asks, “What is the best way for me as an entrepreneur create good PR opportunities?”

Tom Clairmont from asks, “I'm married, homeowner and a Manager in a full time job. Can I expect to make serious progress building a business? I know you said you had 'the year of the blog' and 'the year of the podcast' but can I hope for more a little faster?”

If you’d like to ask a question for the podcast, go to:

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