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You Are The Brand

Apr 14, 2021

Laurie Ruettimann is a former Human Resources leader turned speaker, entrepreneur, and writer. She has been recognized by CNN as one of the top 5 career advisors in the US. 

With all that has happened in the past year, the crazy burnout rates, and the many people now redefining boundaries, I knew I had to bring Laurie onto the show. Before leaving the corporate world, she experienced extreme burnout. She wasn’t sleeping, moving her body, or respecting who she was as a person. When she committed to putting herself and her wellbeing first, a snowball effect was put into play. Laurie is a powerhouse, so you won’t want to miss our conversation today. Tune in to hear:

  1. How Laurie made the pivot from being an HR leader to speaking and sharing her ideas
  2. Why we have to become the brand we want to sell
  3. The benefits of starting small
  4. How to begin taking business baby steps while still getting a paycheck
  5. How to set boundaries today
  6. Why healthy boundaries require you to put your personal life before your professional one
  7. The impact and future of virtual communication
  8. How to bet on yourself


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