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You Are The Brand

Mar 31, 2021

Josh Finley is my longtime friend and one of the wisest people I know. We meet when we were teenagers, but our paths continued to cross throughout young adulthood. Like me, Josh has been involved in ministry and made some significant shifts in his career over the years. I invited him to come onto the show this week to talk about spiritual things. I really wanted to take a breather from the intense interviews we’ve been having and just have a conversation with this great friend. Josh is one of the best communicators and leaders there are, so you’ll love our discussion. In it, we talk about:

  1. Relationships that survive the test of time
  2. Reflecting back on life
  3. Feeling like you’re falling behind in life
  4. How Josh has redefined some terms and gotten more comfortable with tension
  5. Identifying and unpacking our brokenness
  6. What real authenticity looks like




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