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You Are The Brand

Mar 17, 2021

Selena Soo is a marketing and publicity strategist for authors, visionary entrepreneurs, and experts who want to reach millions with their messages. I know that every one of you listening falls into that category. Selena teaches how to get publicity the right way: by building authentic relationships with influencers and the media. I met Selena in Puerto Rico and have used her resources in my own business. They helped me take things to the next level and they will do the same for you. Selena is truly one of the best in the publicity industry, so tune in to hear our conversation on:

  1. How she got into the industry
  2. The steps she took to overcome her fear of public speaking
  3. Where to start with publicity
  4. How to establish credibility
  5. The biggest publicity mistakes people make
  6. Her article in which she shared her emotional abuse story
  7. How to make it easy for people to share your message
  8. What her program, Impacting Millions, is all about




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