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You Are The Brand

Feb 10, 2021

Today’s guest is Linda Guild, an association executive with 20 years of experience. Linda strongly believes in the power of connections. She founded a startup in an established environment and under the umbrella of God Associates is now bringing her knowledge of associations to the Talent Alliance of Part-Time Professionals.


In this episode, Linda is sharing amazing insights and tips when it comes to hiring part-time help. I’ve always only had part-time people work for me, so I know firsthand how they can make your business prosper. Whether you’re a part-time worker wanting to feel valued or a business owner looking to hire part-time help, Linda’s knowledge will provide incredible value for you. Tune in to hear us discuss:


  1. How she first identified the gap in the part-time work marketplace
  2. Whether companies and part-time workers want stability or variety
  3. What associations part-time remote workers should join
  4. How to see your team members as part-time employees rather than just hours on a time sheet
  5. How to boost morale with your part-time workers
  6. Why part-time workers can benefit your business more than full-time workers
  7. Things to think about when hiring part-time workers
  8. The importance of good communication with your team members
  9. New developments in this marketplace




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