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You Are The Brand

Feb 3, 2021

Chris Niemeyer is a business consultant and advisor as well as a father of four. He ran his first multimillion-dollar company mostly alone. But when he became a dad, he learned to systemize his business so he could spend more time with his family. I’ve been learning a lot about the power of systems lately, but Chris gave me a different perspective on everything. We don’t just want to serve our clients and our business—we want our business to serve us. Chris frames how to do this so well and you will learn a lot from what he shares. In the episode, we talk about:


  1. Chris’ history in politics
  2. Where his love for delegation came from
  3. What the mindset and skillset shift from politics to entrepreneurship was like for him
  4. How much we have to understand something before delegating it
  5. Henry Ford’s example of delegation
  6. How to take inventory of your time
  7. How Chris has actually been able to spend more time with his family
  8. What to do with all the extra time we have once we systemize our businesses




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