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You Are The Brand

Jan 27, 2021

I believe that confident communication is a skill anyone can learn. I was a quiet kid, but I’ve learned over the years that, in a sense, every interaction is a performance. Though others may be naturals on the stage, success rarely comes from ability alone. 

That is exactly why I love the work Michael and Amy Porter do so much. They are a powerhouse couple who run a training company in New Jersey called Heroic Public Speaking. I spent some time training there and the things I learned transformed my craft of speaking. Michael and Amy are a treasure trove when it comes to the business and art of speaking. They put me on a path to want to become the best communicator I can be. Tune in to hear their amazing expertise on:

  1. Where the speaking industry is headed
  2. Zoom fatigue 
  3. Stage-side leads
  4. Why rehearsal is so transformative and important
  5. The balance between content and performance
  6. The 3 different types of speaking opportunities
  7. How to transfer from breakouts to keynotes
  8. How to inspire an audience




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