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You Are The Brand

Jan 13, 2021

If you have something that could change and impact someone’s life, it’s your responsibility to find them. In this episode, Rick Barker is teaching us how. He is the former manager for Taylor Swift and played a key role in getting her to the level of success she has reached. Throughout our conversation, he’s sharing killer strategies for social media and branding. He also explains how he would market someone like Taylor today, given all the new tools we have available to us. Rick is all about serving our audience before making them an offer. Tune in to hear more about:


  1. What he told Taylor to do to sell 500,000 copies of her record
  2. The 3 R’s
  3. What he would do with the tools available to the market today
  4. Doing what makes you different
  5. The best way to market online
  6. How to host amazing webinars
  7. Being real and personal with your audience
  8. How to use social media to differentiate yourself




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