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You Are The Brand

Jan 6, 2021

Life is short, but it’s the longest thing we’ll ever do. I say that all the time and today’s guest has proved with his life that he believes it. Aaron Walker is the founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind, author of the book View From The Top, and creator of The Mastermind Playbook. At the beginning of his career, he built and sold multiple brick and mortar businesses and retired by the age of 27. Now he works because he wants to, spending his time teaching entrepreneurs how to do what he has done.

One of the biggest things I admire about and have learned from Aaron is his process of doing the same thing over and over again. He has rinsed and repeated with every company he’s built. This focus got him to where he is today. In this episode, Aaron is talking to us about that process as well as how he’s used masterminds to grow his business and develop his life. Throughout the show you’ll hear:

  1. A bit of Aaron’s story, including his struggles
  2. Why he’s done 2500 podcast interviews in the last 6 and a half years
  3. His core values
  4. His unique process for setting goals and planning ahead
  5. All about The Mastermind Playbook
  6. Why he has focused on masterminds
  7. How you can make a 6-figure income by investing just 2 hours of your time each week




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