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You Are The Brand

Sep 30, 2020

Chelsea Brinkley is the person who runs my entire business. She has been with me every step of the way. When I was building this business, I did everything. As it grew, I needed other people to help me do those things I didn’t do well. Chelsea spearheads all of that. As a visionary and an integrator, we get a lot of questions on how we work together. In this episode, Chelsea explains how we get things done, how she’s set things up, the adjustments I’ve had to make, and how she’s made the process easier. We still have growing pains. We’re still trying to scale up the business. But having Chelsea take over as the Integrator has allowed the business to grow exponentially.


Tune in to hear us talk about:

1. How Chelsea got into this kind of work

2. What the Integrator role even is

3. What Chelsea needs from me to do her job

4. How we manage communication

5. The unforeseen challenges that have come up in this role

6. Why Chelsea wanted more responsibility

7. The adjustments we’re still making




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