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You Are The Brand

Sep 9, 2020

Recently, I’ve been trying different things in my business. I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and grown as a communicator, marketer, and entrepreneur. It’s good practice to be continually throwing ourselves off new cliffs in business. There are always new frontiers and we have to stretch ourselves to approach them. In this episode, I talk about what these new frontiers are for me.


The 5 new things I’m doing right now to grow my brand are:

  1. Getting comfortable with video
  2. Investing in coaches
  3. Reengineering my offerings
  4. Finding what works for me
  5. Taking back the slack


Ask yourself if there’s an area where you’re making it too hard on yourself. Think about what works for you and forget what you’ve been told to do. I hope this episode gives you permission to reconsider how you’re growing your brand.


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