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You Are The Brand

Feb 26, 2020

Most business owners don’t know the difference between a copyright, trademark, and patent, and therefore have no protection over their intellectual property. The cliché is true: we don’t know what we don’t know. So, I invited my attorney and fellow entrepreneur Steven Thrasher onto the show today to walk through all of this for us. He explains:


• What intellectual property in general, and trademarks and copyrights specifically, are.

• Why and when we would want to call an intellectual property attorney.

• The key differences between planners, procrastinators, and panickers.

• The best plan to follow in protecting our intellectual property.


If you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing something that might make you liable or if someone could steal your stuff, listen up.


Resources mentioned in the episode:

US Patent and Trademark Office:

Domain name checker:

Steven’s “7 Deadly Sins” that online business owners commit:


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