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You Are The Brand

Feb 19, 2020

I met Zach Benson at a Puerto Rico Mastermind hosted by Mark Wade last year and we hit it off immediately. He’s not only an incredible entrepreneur, but a really likeable guy, too. He uses social media to build and cultivate relationships with people and has truly mastered the art of outreach.

In this episode, Zach shares with us some his past, including his history as a break dancer and the injury that eventually led him to Instagram. He also goes into his tactics for cultivating relationships and building a social media following, including:


#1. The importance of creating and reposting great content.

#2. The power of shout outs and connecting with people on social media.

#3. What expressing genuine interest in others, complimenting them, and making them feel valued can do.


Throughout the past year of traveling and speaking with Zach, I’ve learned so much about the art of outreach and the beauty of connection. Listen in for a transformation in your business and life.


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