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You Are The Brand

Feb 5, 2020

Nick Cavuoto is a business coach, paid media expert, and storyteller who specializes in personal branding and social media. He has a seven-figure agency, corporate market experience, and has taken what he’s learned and put it into paid marketing strategies. Nick set my own social media strategy on a different trajectory when I couldn’t execute it in the way I wanted. In this episode, he shares his secrets on what it takes to get attention and exposure for our brands on social media. His top two are:


#1. Micro-content: 15-second to 1-minute clips of the best moments from longer pieces of macro-content.

#2. Omnipresence: the ability to be everywhere, multidimensional, and seen in multiple different ways on multiple different social media platforms.


Nick also talks about the 13 pieces of content that helped me and so many others approach marketing on social media in a strategic way. These are:

#1. Personal story.

#2. Personal philosophy.

#3. Lifestyle posts.

#4. Sharing authority.

#5. Results and training.

#6. Process and method.

#7. Pain or problem.

#8. PR.

#9. Celebrity.

#10. Case studies and testimonials.

#11. Question

#12. Invite and ask.

#13. Solution or application


For more from Nick, follow him on social media and get his free 13 Pieces of Content download with these links:




13 Pieces of Content:




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