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You Are The Brand

Jan 8, 2018

In this episode, I share my approach to clarifying my purpose, vision, mission, goals, and tasks.

Tune in, and you'll also hear about some big changes to the podcast, namely why I'm going to end this show at episode 150.

There's no shortage of talk on concepts like purpose, vision, and mission and those words are often used interchangeably. For me, I see them in a certain hierarchy, which helps me see them sequentially.

For example, this is my Purpose Statement in life:

• The purpose of my life is to be love, enjoy abundance, and do generous deeds for myself and others.

• The vision I have to manifest my purpose (at least business-wise) is to commit the next 25 years of my life to connect influencers for greater impact in the world.

• The mission now might be a clear and compelling statement like, "I will host 4 events per year, 3 in the U.S. and 1 overseas, to connect influencers for greater impact so they can collaborate to solve big problems in the world."

• The goals might then be something like "Have an average attendance of 40 people per event" or "Generate $250,000 per year with those events."

• The tasks would then be obvious: book speakers, secure venues, create marketing campaigns, and so forth.

If you're interested in doing this exercise for yourself, simply use the framework I've listed above and fill in your own thoughts. Borrow my purpose statement for now, and change out the words so it reads:

The purpose of my life is to be ____, enjoy ____, and do ____ for myself and others.

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