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You Are The Brand

Feb 13, 2017

On the previous episode of the podcast, we talked about 3 money mindsets that would help you raise your rates and command the fees you deserve.

But what do you say in order to position yourself for better clients, higher fees, and less hassle? The answer is simple:

Results-driven copywriting.

In today’s episode, I share several scripts you can use — whether you’re a coach, consultant, copywriter, designer, or any other professional services provider.

You can also download a BRAND NEW COPYWRITING GUIDE called Get Coaching Clients Now: 5 Proven Templates That Bring You Better Clients, at Higher Fees, With Less Hassle.

Grab your copy here >>

Inside, you’ll find scripts for 5 types of coaches:

  1. Undecided coaches
  2. Business coaches
  3. Executive coaches
  4. Career coaches
  5. Relationship coaches

You’ll also get swipe copy for Twitter posts, LinkedIn posts, and email pitches.

Grab your copy here >>

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