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You Are The Brand

Apr 28, 2021

Podcast pitches are so bad these days. If you pitch people well, you will stand out. Today I am talking with Mai-kee Tsang about how to do that. Mai-kee is a podcast guesting strategist and a sustainable visibility mentor. She helps coaches and copywriters expand their reach, grow their businesses on their own terms, and make a bigger impact by guesting on podcasts. We met at our mutual friend Kira Hug’s conference and I’ve followed her work ever since.

Mai-kee is doing amazing things in and for the podcasting niche. Tune in to learn how to reach out to podcasters the right way to get more yeses and to hear us discuss:

  1. How Mai-kee got into this industry
  2. What makes for a bad cold pitch
  3. What makes for a yes-worthy pitch
  4. The PR method for podcast pitching
  5. How many topics to pitch
  6. Reframing a pitch as an invitation to connect
  7. How to leave a lasting impression after guesting on a podcast



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