You Are The Brand

Sean Osborn is a success coach and the host of the Thinking Big podcast. He has a true passion for coaching and empowering others, especially those who are unsure how to reach their next level potential. The thread that ties his story and so many other stories of people who have made something of themselves is their mindset. Sean knows how to master your mind to make an impact on the world. In this episode, we talk about:

  1. How he went from being homeless to making something of himself
  2. What he did when the catalyst for change came in his life
  3. Doing things before we’re ready and learning as we go
  4. Why technology is going to change everything in our world
  5. What human interaction will look like going into the future
  6. How to get in a healthy frame of reference for change
  7. Reprogramming our mindset




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