You Are The Brand

Susie Miller is a relationship coach, speaker, and author of the book Listen Learn Love. She has been very helpful to me and countless other entrepreneurs. I was shocked to learn how many entrepreneurs struggle in their personal relationships. It’s an issue that doesn’t get enough attention. I wanted to bring Susie on to have a dialogue about these things. They happen outside our businesses and no one tells us about them.


In the episode, we talk about:

  1. The difference between liking and loving someone
  2. Why entrepreneurs struggle so much in relationships
  3. How to determine whether or not to work with your partner
  4. Why it all starts with our relationship with ourselves and having self-awareness
  5. How to bridge the gap between success at work and home
  6. When it’s time to terminate a relationship


Tune in for an insightful conversation and a good reminder that we are more than our businesses.




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