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In today’s episode, I’m kicking off a series on niches. That can be an unnerving word for a lot of entrepreneurs, so I want to break it down in this episode and the weeks to come. I truly believe that the riches are in the niches. The more we clarify and clean up our marketing, the more successful we will be.


To tee this idea up, in this episode I talk about:

1. The only 3 markets we are ever really in and examples of entrepreneurs in each of those markets

2. Taking our focus off the word niche and onto the word focus

3. The 2 types of focuses we can have

4. Accuracy in marketing

5. The danger of subjective language in marketing

6. The 3 things we need to focus on selling


The next few episodes are going to be full of great information on niches. Make sure to take the time to soak in everything the guests will share. They prove that we can make our greatest impact by focusing on niches.




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