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During this pandemic, I’ve had a lot more time to listen to podcasts. It’s a great way to fill the time while giving your eyes a break from screens. I certainly don’t have a corner on the market and there are people out there who you can learn a lot about marketing from. These are probably podcasts you haven’t heard of, but they will help your business incredibly. Here they are:


1. The Copywriter Club Podcast by Kira Hug and Rob Marsh

2. The Amazing Seller Podcast by Scott Voelker

3. Podcast Strategies for Growing Your Business by Danny Ozment

4. The Business Event Playbook by Lauren Davis

5. Brand on Brands on Brands with Brandon Birkmeyer

6. Pricing is Positioning with Paul Klein

7. The Marketing Your Movement Show with Duane Zingale

8. The Gayla Scrivener Show

9. Creative Chats with Mike Brennan

10. Live Life Rich with Marissa Nehlsen

Honorable mention: Fundraising Freedom Podcast with Mary Valloni


Make sure to check out of each of these podcasts by clicking the links above. You won’t regret gaining all the knowledge they have to give on entrepreneurship, live events, money mindset, building funnels, and even podcasting itself.




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