You Are The Brand

Wendi Schenkel is a master at e-commerce, having sold over 7 figures worth of merchandise. She has owned her e-commerce business since 2014 and performed tons of research on women’s shopping patterns. When she did, she saw the huge opportunity and impact in the market. The 10 commandments of selling to women are what emerged:

1. Women love to buy things... when we think it’s our idea

2. Secrets do not make friends

3. Do not let their girlfriends find out that you gave one of them a better deal than you gave her

4. Put it all on the table

5. Communicate early and often and impeccably

6. Women do not want a one night stand

7. Women want to be proud to be seen with you

8. Women want to be heard

9. You guys might think of it as a reputation review, but women call it the backchannel

10. We want to refer our girlfriends to you

When Wendi shared this with me my mind was absolutely blown. It completely reframed the way I saw my business and a lot of my clientele. It is completely research-driven, proven, I believe it will be one of the most revolutionary teachings on marketing in the years to come.




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