You Are The Brand

Kira Hug is the co-founder of The Copywriter Club and host of The Copywriter Club podcast. She helps small business owners sell their ideas, products, services, and programs through copy that creates meaningful conversation. I was personally blown away with how she branded herself and approached personality-based business in such a special way. In this episode, Kira talks about:

  • How she got into copywriting
  • The steps she took to put herself out there and show her personality
  • The process she goes through when she starts working with a client
  • What it looks like for her to write with a client’s voice


Kira’s goal is to help her clients understand themselves and run their businesses through that lens. She also wants to figure out how to best help other copywriters share their voices and get out in their own way, so take the time to listen in and absorb all that she shares.




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